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Waters of the Caribbean

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Item Number: R115

Inspired by the peaceful colors of the Caribbean ocean and sand, two sterling silver circle rings are loosely held together by sterling silver wrapping and feature one round muted yellow multi-faceted chrysocolla stone and two aquamarine stones.

This piece brings peace to the heart and clarity to the mind. It emanates joy and calm. Look at the colors, close your eyes and imagine you are vacationing on the beach with nothing but the sound of the ocean waves lapping at the edges of the sand!



Aquamarine: A stone of courage and yet its peaceful energy helps quiet and calm the mind.

Chrysocolla: Invokes great inner strength, a feeling of tranquility and acceptance and serenity with situations that are constantly changing. It stabilizes and heals, enhances personal power and inspires creativity.



Two round sterling silver rings along with the wire wrapping make this ring a little smaller than a size 6. Wrapping two rings together, there is some natural movement in the ring, but the size will not change.