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Water for the Fire

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Item Number: E132

Delicate elongated pear shaped denim blue dumortierite stones are topped with sparkly labradorite beads on sterling silver earrings.

Like the blue color of water, this stone assists in letting the cool waters calm the hot fires. Together dumortierite and labradorite work to help the wearer break ties that are no longer useful, adapt to their current circumstances while recognizing their own worth, protect against negativity and bring a positive attitude into their life. Essentially putting out the fire and letting peace prevail!



Dumortierite: Facilitates angelic communication, reminding the soul of its original journey and in doing so, dissolves anything that isn’t consistent with that plan or that refuses to support an optimistic outlook on life.

Labradorite: A protective stone that brings light and forms a barrier to negative energy. It strengthens faith in the self and restores trust in the universe. It is good companion during change, imparting strength and encouraging perseverance.



From the base of the sterling silver earpiece (where the earring decoration attaches to the piece that goes in your ear), the length measures a little over 1.25”. Each dumortierite is about 1” long.