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Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Item Number: Z1002

The Virgo constellation (The Virgin) is the only female sign of the zodiac and is symbolized by a virgin goddess. The constellation is associated with several goddesses including Demeter, the goddess of harvest. Virgo’s brightest star, Spica, is said to represent an ear of wheat in the hand of the goddess. Virgo is an earth sign. Virgo tends to be realistic, sensitive, practical, loyal, grounding, intelligent, analytical and detail oriented.

This stunning solid sterling silver zodiac constellation cuff is hand crafted in Los Angeles. With the exception of the birthstone, each star in the constellation is represented by a sparkly white sapphire gemstone.

  • Each stone is 1.6 mm or 0.02 carat weight
  • Each bracelet is 70 grams silver weight
  • Bracelets measures 38.1 mm wide (1.5 inches)

These cuffs are made-to-order for you! From the drop down menu below, please select the birthstone you would like for your cuff. The cuff shown has a sapphire for the birthstone. For additional information on birthstones and zodiac signs please click here.  

Since each piece is made-to-order, please allow two weeks for delivery. Due to the hand crafted nature of each piece, there may be slight variations from the cuff shown in the picture. The cuff is one size and has just enough flexibility to be fit onto most wrists. To prevent damaging the gemstones, it is not recommended that the cuff be twisted or forced open.

Interested in having the diamonds instead of white sapphires? Email us at for pricing information.

 If you have any questions, please contact us at 310.890.4084 or

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