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Tsavorite Heart

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Item Number: NC208

Part of the cages by eliza collection this sterling silver cage surrounds a stunning green Tsavorite garnet in its most natural form. A raw tsavorite garnet crystal that is over 5.0 carats is unusual and highly sought after. This Tsavorite is 70 carats! This cage hangs long.



Tsavorite Garnet: While millions of years old, this crystal resembling garnet in its structure was discovered in 1967 in Tanzania. Eventually exported from the country to the US, it was used in jewelry at Tiffany & Co. The president of Tiffany & Co., Henry Platt, proposed the name ‘tsavorite’ in honor of the Tsavo National Park and the Tsavo River in the region where the gem is mined.

 Garnet: In history and folklore, garnet was said to strengthen the heart, enlighten the soul and give wisdom. It is an energizing stone that also provides protection, renews self-confidence, and brings courage and hope to the wearer. In opening up the hearts’ energy, it inspires love and strengthens commitments.



Sterling silver chain is 34” long including sterling silver lobster clasp. The cage is approximately 2” long and 1.5” wide.