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Together as One

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Item Number: N192

Pink lemurian, clear quartz and a vibrant lemon colored apatite are wrapped with sterling silver wire and adorned with London blue topaz. The energy in this gathering of pastel hued crystals reminds the wearer of their true spiritual purpose, awakens in them empathy and heightens their awareness that while each of us are individuals, we are universal connected. The apatite stone has beautiful, and mesmerizing, rainbows of color in certain light.



Quartz: The most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet. It regulates energy, including facilitating unblocking, while tuning you to your spiritual purpose.

Pink Lemurian Quartz: These crystals are said to remind the wearer that we are all connected to each another in a universal energetic spirit, and that while we are individuals, our thoughts create an energy that can impact not only us, but also others. Think positive! Pink lemurians are created when a thin invisible layer of hematite covers the crystal during the growth process of the crystal.

Apatite: A stone of manifestation that promotes a humanitarian attitude, assisting in spiritual attunement and aiding in communication.

London Blue Topaz: Blue topaz helps the wearer remember their true self and awakens them to universal and angelic guidance for wisdom. A 'London Blue' topaz is simply the name for a deep blue enhanced topaz.



Sterling silver chain measures 18” including sterling silver lobster clasp. From top to bottom, the pendant hangs about 1” from the chain. The pendant itself is 1” wide (left to right) at its widest part and about 5/8” long (top to bottom).