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Three Peas in a Pod

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Item Number: E159

Pale green onyx ovals hang elegantly with three sterling silver eternal circles, topped with three sterling silver beads. The stones are rose cut and show shades from sea green to emerald green depending on how the light reflects on their surface.


Green Onyx: Is known for promoting stamina, balancing energies in the body, boosting self-confidence and increasing inner strength. Green onyx is formed by treating black onyx. Green onyx has the same meaning as black onyx.


From the base of the sterling silver earpiece (where the earring decoration attaches to the piece that goes in your ear), the earrings measure almost 2" long. Onyx earring is 1.5" long and 5/8" wide at its widest part. The 1st (top) circle has 1/4" diameter, the 2nd (middle) has 1/2" diameter and the 3rd (lowest) has 5/8" diameter.