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The Color of Courage

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Item Number: N156

Beautiful blue-tourmaline and pale blue aquamarine accent this rare, beautifully vivid, sunshine yellow high-quality heliodor.


Heliodor: Brings about the balance of energies in the body, clarity of mind, particularly as it relates to work and courage in the face of obstacles. In Greek it means "gift of the sun."

Aquamarine: Symbolizes peace and has the energy to calm the mind, soothe fears, give support to those that are overwhelmed and facilitate necessary closure to unfinished matters. It is a stone of courage.

Tourmaline: A good stone for mental healing, particularly as the green color aids in sleep and quieting the mind. This stone is useful in understanding oneself and others, facilitating seeing all possible solutions and selecting the most constructive one as well as attracting inspiration, compassion, tolerance and prosperity.


Sterling silver chain measures about 20” including the sterling silver lobster clasp. The pendant hangs a little more than 2 1/2" from the chain. Pendant is about 3/4" wide at is widest part. Tourmaline is 1/2" long, aquamarine is 1/2" long and heliodor is 1 1/2" long. Sterling silver lobster clasp closure.