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Ring of Protection

Item Number: R290

A black obsidian stone is wrapped with sterling silver wire and secured atop a handmade sterling silver ring in an X shape. It has petite detail of spinel and hematite.


Obsidian: Is a stone of protection. It absorbs negative energies away from the wearer while providing a shield against future negativity.

Spinel: Symbolizes purposefulness and helps recognition of what is right for you while giving you the energy to act accordingly. The stone is connected with energy renewal, encouragement in difficult circumstances and promoting calm. Spinel can attract wealth and prosperity to the wearer.

Hematite:  Combats being timid, boosts self-esteem, promotes confidence and removes self-limitations.


Sterling silver wrapped ring is a US size 9. The ring has no flexibility in size. The obsidian disc has a 1/2” diameter. The ring detail has a 1” diameter. The ring detail has a height from the ring base of almost 3/4” at its highest part.

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