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Re-energizing Forces

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Item Number: N116

Centered on a beautiful sterling silver chain, delicately clustered together, the stones feature a pristine pear shaped green amethyst (prasiolite), a perfect triangle shaped amethyst, a clear quartz pendant and a sterling silver sterling silver crescent moon charm.

The energy of the stones combine to remind a giving soul it needs to replenish itself in order to remain a sustaining force in the universe. It draws in guidance from higher sources for nurturing, love and re-energizing. The stones in this piece create a strong feeling of feminine energy, which make it the perfect piece for moms, generous friends and missionary workers.



Amethyst: A stone with a high spiritual vibration that promotes love of the divine. It enhances spiritual awareness, encourages selflessness, and brings together common sense and spiritual insights to be applied to the practical.

Quartz: A powerful healing stone that attunes you to your spiritual purpose.



Sterling silver chain is a little over 22” including sterling silver lobster clasp. Since the chain features sterling silver circles, the length is adjustable. The cluster of gems centerpiece hangs approximately 4” from the chain. The clear quartz pendant is 1.25” in length and 1/2” at its widest part. The amethyst triangle is approximately 3/4” on each side. The green amethyst is less that 1/2" in length. The sterling silver crescent moon is a little over 1/2” in length and the widest part of the moon is less than 1/8”. Sterling silver lobster clasp closure. The end of the chain at the point of closure has one shiny stone of moss aquamarine.