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Purple Planet Tanzanite

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Item Number: N112

This stunning royal purple tanzanite is 6.0 carats. In light the stone shows unbelievable colors and depth. It’s like looking into a purple universe of stars and planets! The tanzanite centerpiece is wrapped in sterling silver and topped with raw polished diamond cubes and rough blue diamond pieces. The subtle sparkle of these diamonds is not lost on this piece. Tanzanite is becoming harder to find now that it is no longer mined and this is a rare example of its beauty.

Tanzanite and diamonds work together in this piece to attune you to a higher source of information, through mediation and prayer, while giving you greater insight into your true purpose. This exquisite piece will bring spiritual light to the wearer.



Tanzanite: Evens out fluctuations of energy and emotions. It is said to facilitate taking time for oneself, as well as promoting living with more spiritual awareness so the next step of the spiritual journey can be reached. It dissolves old patterns and assists in making room for new patterns, ascertaining your true purpose in life.

Diamonds: Encourages your soul light to shine, facilitates spiritual evolution, reminds you of your soul’s aspiration, while symbolizing wisdom and enlightenment.



Sterling silver chain is a little over 18” including sterling silver lobster clasp. Pendant is approximately 1/2” in length and 3/8” in width at its widest part. There are 4 tiny rough blue diamonds and tiny 9 raw polished diamonds in a cube shape, cloudy white in color. Sterling silver lobster clasp closure.