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Petite Power

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Item Number: N180

This petite, feminine and delicate pendant of rare jeremejevite, orange colored topaz and aquamarine actually packs a powerful punch of stability and healing to the wearer.


Topaz: Helps you discover your inner riches; it stabilizes emotions and makes you open to love from all areas of life.

Aquamarine: Symbolizes peace and has the energy to calm the mind, soothe fears, give support to those that are overwhelmed and facilitate necessary closure to unfinished matters. It is a stone of courage.

Jeremejevite: Is a high vibration stone of healing. It helps even out emotional extremes while facilitating an understanding and acceptance of where the wearer is in their life right now. Jeremejevite can be colorless, blueish or pale yellow, originates from Namibia and because it is rare, it is highly sought after. It is typical that pieces of the mineral are small.


Sterling silver necklace measures a little over 19” including sterling silver lobster clasp. Sterling silver wire wrap. The pendant hangs about 1” from the chain. Pendant is 1/2” wide at its widest part.