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Petite Grounding

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Item Number: N274

A petite labradorite in a beautiful shade of green with fire-like blue luster is wrapped with 14 Karat gold-filled wires and hung from a 14 Karat gold-filled chain.



Labradorite: A protective stone that brings light and forms a barrier to negative energy. It strengthens faith in the self and restores trust in the universe. It is a good companion during change, imparting strength and encouraging perseverance. Raises consciousness and grounds spiritual energy in the physical body.



Gold-filled chain is approximately 23” long including gold-filled clasp. Labradorite detail is a little less than 1/2”. The tiny labradorite bead hangs 1/2” long with gold-filled wire wrap on the top which is approximately 1/8” thick. This is a small stone, the size of a pine nut.