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Pearl Wisdom

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Item Number: N103

Genuine Tahitian Pearl with beautiful luster and perfect round shape adorns a continuous sterling silver chain with tiny silver bead detail that features moss aquamarine accents on both sides. This necklace has no clasp but rather slips over your head.

This is a piece of wisdom and contentment. The beautiful luster of the Tahitian pearl shows myriad colors, changing shades like the calm surface of the ocean when the sun dances in and out of clouds. Like the constant motion of the waves, this chain has no beginning or end. This will bring serenity and peace to the wearer.



Pearl: Pearls are thought to give wisdom through experience, to cement engagements and love relationships.

Aquamarine (moss colored): Symbolizes peace and encourages a gentle nature in the wearer.



Sterling silver chain is a little over 24” in length. Tahitian pearl measures almost 3/8” in length (left to right) and 1/4” at its width (top to bottom).