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Key to Inner Power

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Item Number: N182

A natural faden quartz crystal in the natural shape of a key is adorned with vibrant red garnets, rich London blue topaz and wrapped with 14-Karat gold-filled wire. The quartz has multiple tiny crystals protruding from the core. It is beautiful in its delicacy, and yet the strong energy of the piece is reaffirming, healing and encouraging.


Quartz: The most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet. It regulates energy, including facilitating unblocking, while tuning you to your spiritual purpose.

London Blue Topaz: Blue topaz helps the wearer remember their true self and awakens them to universal and angelic guidance for wisdom. A 'London Blue' topaz is simply the name for a deep blue enhanced topaz.

Garnet: Is a stone of energy and commitment, bringing courage and hope to the wearer. It revitalizes, purifies, fortifies and balances energies to bring serenity or passion to a situation, as needed.


14-Karat gold-filled necklace measures 22” including 14-Karat gold-filled lobster clasp. 14-Karat gold-filled wire wrap. The pendant hangs a little over 2” from the chain. The widest part of the pendant is a little over 1/4”. Due to the delicate nature of the crystal, natural flaking of the crystal itself may occur. Crystal points protruding from the pendant are fragile and may break with wear, though it will not impact the overall beauty and energetic strength of the piece.