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High Vibration Fences of Protection

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Item Number: N325

Wrapped with gold-filled wire, a rich, deep blue-purple halite crystal from Carlsbad, New Mexico is united with a vivid green tremolite crystal from Tanzania. Note that halite is a dissolvable salt and should not be exposed to water.


Blue Halite: This high vibration stone awakens your intuition and opens you up to spiritual guidance.

Halite: Is a protective stone, forming barriers between the wearer and forces of negative energy, emotions and thoughts. It strengthens spiritual discernment and overall, promotes feelings of positivity and optimism.

Tremolite: A high vibration powerful stone that emanates a balanced energy. The stone is said to aid in alleviating depression and worry, by helping the wearer release anything that stands in the way of positive, forward progress. 


Gold-filled chain is 24” long including gold-filled clasp. The pendant hangs almost 2” long and is a little over 1” wide. The green tremolite is 3/4” long and 1/4” wide.