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Herkimer’s Light

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Item Number: NC247

Part of the cages by eliza collection, a large Herkimer diamond with beautiful rainbow sparkle is wrapped by hand with sterling silver.

This piece has been selected to be featured in an upcoming photo shoot! It is still available for purchase, but will be unable to ship until February 8th. Thank you for your patience!



Herkimer Diamond: Herkimer diamonds are said to help the wearer remember their souls purpose on earth, while opening them up to angelic guidance from the highest, purest source. Herkimer diamonds awakens your inner light, allowing it to radiate outward to the positive benefit of all. The stone is associated with the zodiac sign Sagittarius. Herkimer diamonds are quartz crystals with a diamond-like crystal structure. The stone takes its name from the site where they are mined, Herkimer County in New York State.



Sterling silver chain is about 34” long. The cage hangs almost 3” from the chain and is approximately 2” wide. The stone is the size of a small strawberry. Extra-large cage.