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Heart Healing

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Item Number: N155

When the light hits portions of this rose quartz you can see pastel rainbows, particularly on top of the stone. It is adorned with peridot, lemon quartz and a perfectly round pearl with opal like luster. From it hangs a pear-shaped jade in a turquoise/green shade.



Rose Quartz: Is THE crystal associated with the heart and love of all kinds. It is a stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It opens the wearer to receive love and beauty in all its forms. It heals past heartaches, losses and emotional stresses, reminding the wearer of their innate self-worth while providing a calm nurturing energy that encourages love and forgiveness of the self.

Pearl: Cultured or freshwater pearls are considered to offer the power of love, money, protection, and luck. Pearls are thought to give wisdom through experience, to quicken the laws of karma and to cement engagements and love relationships.

Jade: A protective stone that keeps the wearer from harm, bringing peace to the mind, increasing feelings of love and nurturing. It assists in recognizing yourself as a spiritual being on a human journey.

Citrine: Symbolizes individuality and confidence, a stone of light, sun and life. It increases self- confidence and promotes independence. As a stone of abundance, it helps to manifest and attract wealth, prosperity and success. The stone imparts joy and brings motivation to the wearer. It helps the wearer develop a positive attitude and to look to the future optimistically by promoting an inner calm so that wisdom can emerge.

Peridot: Assists in moving you forward, releasing the past and any baggage, forcing you to look to the future with an understanding of your destiny and spiritual purpose. Shows you how to detach yourself from outside influence and to look back to your own higher energies for guidance. It helps you understand your destiny and your spiritual purpose, bringing about change and moving you forward. It helps release people or situations from the past that could be counterproductive to the future. It facilitates moving forward and bringing new into your life.



14-Karat gold-filled wire wrap and chain. The chain measures a little over 21" including 14-Karat gold-filled lobster clasp. The pendant hangs over 2" from the chain, including jade. Rose quarts is approximately 1 3/8" long and 1" wide at its widest part. Lemon quartz is 1/2" from top to bottom and 1/4" wide from left to right. Jade stone is 1/2" wide and a little over 1/2" long. The jade and the yellow quartz have natural markings that do not take away from the piece but instead enhance the natural beauty. Gold-filled oval attaches to lobster clasp.