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Healing Green

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Item Number: NC245

Part of the cages by eliza collection, a green glass-like 4.5-carat chrome tourmaline from Tanzania is wrapped by hand with gold-filled wire.



Chrome Tourmaline: refers to the type of tourmaline that has an intense emerald green color caused by the presence of chrome in the stone. It has the same meaning as tourmaline.

Tourmaline: A good stone for mental healing, particularly as the green color aids in sleep and quieting the mind. This stone is useful in understanding oneself and others, facilitating seeing all possible solutions and selecting the most constructive one as well as attracting inspiration, compassion, tolerance and prosperity.



Gold-filled chain is about 31” long. The cage hangs almost 1 3/8” from the chain and is approximately 1” wide. The stone is the size of a fat green pea. Small-medium cage.