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Green Stardust

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Item Number: N168

Pear-shaped green phantom quartz pendant looks like a green comet left a stardust trail through the sky. Subtle beauty.



Phantom Quartz: Is a stone that is especially useful during transition as it reminds the wearer of their true soul purpose while protecting them against negative influences and sources of anxiety. It aids in removing mental blocks to overcome limitations by subtly awakening the soul to its rightful path. The look of these crystals is created when a crystal stops growing, mineral dust falls on it and the crystal begins to grow again. The type of the mineral dust determines the color of the inclusion.



Sterling silver chain measures 22" including the sterling silver lobster clasp. Sterling silver chain is doubled. The pendant hangs about 1 3/8" from the chain. Pendant is 3/4" wide at its widest part. Sterling silver lobster clasp closure.