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Grace of Green Onyx

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Item Number: E113

These rich multi-faceted emerald green onyx earrings, crowned with hematite beads will subtly shift your focus to see beauty and warmth in your surroundings, reminding you to let your inner grace radiate outwardly.



Onyx: Imparts self-confidence and helps you be at ease in your surroundings.

Hematite: Combats being timid, boosts self-esteem, promotes confidence and removes self-limitations.



From the base of the sterling silver earpiece (where the earring decoration attaches to the piece that goes in your ear), the length measures a little less than 2”. Each emerald green onyx is almost 1.5” long and a little over 1” in width, at its widest part. There are 3 hematite beads on each earring.