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Effortless Love

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Item Number: N202

Green kunzite (aka hiddenite), blue kyanite and a candy pink tourmaline, with a hint of rainbow sparkle, are wrapped in sterling silver to compliment each other in this colorful pastel piece. The hiddenite is such a pale green it is almost a faint yellow. The blue kyanite is vibrant in its blue color variations. The energy of these stones will work together to open the wearer to love of all kinds and facilitate communication with the divine.


Pink Tourmaline: Is a stone of love, said to attract love from both the angelic and the physical world. Recognizing that it is important to love the self, and that loving others can make one vulnerable, the stone promotes trust in love, and the feeling of being worthy and safe to give and receive love.

Kyanite:  A crystal that is said to connect the wearer to angels by opening them up to receive guidance from a higher source. The energy of the stone slices through confusion and facilitates this communication. Blue kyanite is especially useful to performers and public speakers as it strengthens the voice and heals the throat.

Green Kunzite (Hiddenite):  It has the same properties as kunzite (below) but green kunzite is specifically known to open those who are always emotionally strong, to accepting loving support and comfort from others and the universe. Kunzite: Awakens the heart center, encourages self-expression and has a mood-lifting effect. The stone radiates peace and connects you to universal love.  It dispels negativity and shields the aura from unwanted energy, removing obstacles from your path and producing loving thoughts and communication. 



Sterling silver chain is about 30” including sterling silver lobster clasp. Pendant hangs 2 1/2” from chain. The pendant is ½” wide at its widest part. The hiddenite piece is 2 ½” long and a little over ¼”wide. The kyanite piece is 2” long and ¼” wide at its widest part. The pink tourmaline is 3/8” wide (top to bottom) and ½” long (left to right) at its longest part.