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Earthy Mookaite

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Item Number: N186

Originating from Australia, mookaite in vibrant earthy shades from wine to terracotta are cut into trapezium shaped beads, separated by 14-Karat gold-filled beads and connected to a 14-Karat gold-filled chain to create this striking statement piece.


Mookaite: Is associated with earth energy and is said to re-awaken the inner core of the wearer, to remind them of their self-worth and inherent strength and in doing so, facilitate them reaching their full potential. Mookaite originates from Australia.



Necklace measures a little over 18” including 14-Karat gold-filled lobster clasp and fits like a collar necklace. There is approximately 5” of 14-Karat gold-filled chain on the end of one side and 4” 14-Karat gold-filled chain (plus 14-Karat gold-filled lobster clasp) on the other side. There are (3) 14-Karat gold-filled crimps on one end and (2) 14-Karat gold-filled crimps on the other side. Each mookaite is approximately 1 3/4” long and 3/4” wide. Each mookaite varies slightly in size, is flat on one side and hammered on the other side. The flat side faces out. The piece is substantial and weighty, but comfortable. As with all pieces, the mookaite should be handled with care as it can chip like a clay tile if dropped or banged. Please see the Sizing & Care page for further suggestions.