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Citrine Cuff of Protection

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Item Number: B105

Handcrafted sterling sliver wave design, C-cuff bracelet is adorned with citrine that is separated by sparkling beads of deep blue lapis lazuli.

Citrine stones laced with lapis lasuli bring about protection, inner strength and peace. It is said that soldiers in Caesar’s legions wore citrine on their chest because the stone was believed to have life-saving properties in battle. Worn on your wrist as a cuff, this piece promotes inner calm by helping the wearer overcome fears, bringing about self-confidence, attracting joy and abundance to life, and enabling enjoyment of new experiences.



Citrine: A stone of light, sun and life, with the power to impart joy in the wearer. It helps the wearer develop a positive attitude and to look to the future optimistically by promoting an inner calm so that wisdom can emerge.

Lapis Lazuli: A protective stone that releases stress, bringing deep peace and serenity. It is an amplifier to any other stone it is near.



Each of the 4 pieces of citrine are approximately 1/2 inch or less in size. Inside sterling silver bracelet dimension is 2.5”. Bracelet can be slightly adjusted (expanded or contracted) to fit your wrist.