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Circles of Compassion

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Item Number: N123

Two Mexican silver circles unite to form the centerpiece of this necklace. The circles are adorned with baby blue colored kyanite and a rich emerald green colored tremolite from Tanzania. The silver circle was hand picked in Mexico for its beauty and elegance, and wrapped with stones by Amy. 

This piece has powerful energy and will help to refocus the wearer on their innate compassion and bring about feeling of peace.



Kyanite: Brings spiritual integrity and maturation. The energy of the stone slices through confusion and facilitates communication, opening the wearer to spiritual and psychological truths. Blue kyanite is especially useful to performers and public speakers as it strengthens the voice and heals the throat.

Tremolite: A high vibration powerful stone that emanates a balanced energy. The stone is known to help alleviate depression and worry helping the wearer release anything that stands in the way of forward progress.



Sterling silver chain is 20” including sterling silver lobster clasp. Larger sterling silver circle is approximately 1.5” in diameter and the smaller circle is approximately ¾” in diameter. Blue kyanite piece measures a little over 2” in length and ½” in width. Tremolite is ½” in length and approximately ¼” at its widest part. Sterling silver lobster clasp closure.