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Centering on Citrine

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Item Number: B124

Gorgeous round bangle bracelet of Mexican silver was hand-picked in Mexico for its elegance and style. It is wrapped by Amy with a light lemon colored citrine and surrounded by grey and white Herkimer diamonds.

Citrine and Herkimer diamonds unite to bring strength and fortitude to the wearer, re-establishing their faith in themselves and the universe.



Citrine: Symbolizes individuality and confidence, a stone of light, sun and life. It increases self-confidence and promotes independence. As a stone of abundance, it helps to manifest and attract wealth, prosperity and success.

Herkimer Diamond: Good for detoxifying the energies of the whole body, strengthening the natural system of the body. It opens the wearer to new impressions. Note that Herkimer Diamonds take their name from the site where they are mined in Herkimer County in New York State.



Inside sterling silver bracelet dimension is 2.5”. Since this is a bangle bracelet, the size of the bracelet cannot be adjusted. It is recommended that you measure the inside diameter of bangle bracelet you own to be sure it will go over your hand and around your wrist. Citrine is 1” in length and a little less than 1/2” in width.