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Calm of a Crystal Kunzite

Item Number: N152

Asymmetrical pale lime yellow kunzite with depth and color variations within the crystal, vibrant green tourmaline and purple tanzanite are wrapped with gold-filled wire.


Kunzite: Awakens the heart center, encourages self-expression and has a mood-lifting effect. The stone radiates peace and connects you to universal love. It dispels negativity and shields the aura from unwanted energy, removing obstacles from your path and producing loving thoughts and communication.

Tanzanite: Evens out fluctuations of energy and emotions. It is said to facilitate taking time for oneself, as well as promoting living with more spiritual awareness so the next step of the spiritual journey can be reached. It dissolves old patterns and assists in making room for new patterns, ascertaining your true purpose in life.

Tourmaline: A good stone for mental healing, particularly as the green color aids in sleep and quieting the mind. This stone is useful in understanding oneself and others, facilitating seeing all possible solutions and selecting the most constructive one as well as attracting inspiration, compassion, tolerance and prosperity.


Gold-filled wire wrap and chain. The chain measures almost 26" including gold-filled lobster clasp. The pendant hangs 2.5" from the chain. Kunzite measures 1" long at its longest side and 1" wide at its widest part. Tourmaline measures 1/2" long and 1/8" wide. The tanzanite is 3/8" from top to bottom and 1" wide from left to right. Gold-filled oval attaches to lobster clasp.

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