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California Calm

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Item Number: N109

Nearly clear piece of selenite, in this case, naturally formed in the shape of the great state of California, is wrapped in sterling silver with two pieces of green tourmaline (verdelite).

This is a piece that will bring the wearer calm and peace along with a sense of protection, while facilitating spiritual guidance and drawing in positive energy to manifest abundance.



Selenite: A calming stone that instills deep peace, bringing clarity of mind while accessing angelic consciousness and higher guidance, facilitating spiritual work.

Green tourmaline: Transforms negative into positive energy, promotes openness and patience while drawing in abundance and prosperity.



Sterling silver chain is a little over 18” including lobster clasp. Pendant is approximately 4” in length and 1” in width, at its widest part. Tourmaline pieces are each less than 1” in length. Please note that selenite is water-soluble. This piece should not come in contact with water. Sterling silver lobster clasp closure.