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Angel Feather

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Item Number: N122

Large black kyanite with a feather appearance sparkles like the sun hitting dewdrops on a surface in the early morning. The stone is supported by sterling silver cone-like wrapping and Herkimer diamond detail.

Like the feathers of angelic wings, it reminds the wearer that they are not alone and that they can pull on strength from the angelic realms for assistance in all matters. This piece enhances inner strength to face obstacles, particularly those of the mind, while offering protection in all challenges.



Kyanite: A crystal that connects the wearer to spirit guides by opening them to spiritual truths, bringing about spiritual integrity and maturation.

Herkimer Diamond: Opens the wearer to new impressions and amplifies the energy of the stones nearest to them. Note that Herkimer diamonds take their name from the site where they are mined in Herkimer County in New York State.



Sterling silver chain is almost 30” and adjustable. Pendant hangs approximately 3” from the bottom of the chain and is 1” wide at its widest point. Pendant has cone-like shape due to the casing around the kyanite. Sterling silver lobster clasp closure. Since the chain features sterling silver circles, the length is adjustable. The end of the chain at the point of closure has one Herkimer diamond.