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Eliza Designs LA NecklaceI recently had the pleasure of meeting Amy [the designer] while visiting a friend in Los Angeles. As a person,

Amy radiates a specialness similar to the rare and unique gemstones she sources;

it carries through to her work as an artist and can be seen and felt in every piece she thoughtfully hand-crafts. I'm a long time jewelry lover, but I'm selective about what I buy and wear. With that said, my ‘cages by eliza' necklaces are quickly becoming my "go to" look for almost every occasion. They're great for layering and, in my opinion,

strike a perfect balance between classic and edgy;

however, they're perfect for anyone who appreciates jewelry that's well made with attention to thoughtful details including - but not limited to - handwritten thank you's, and the meanings and symbolism behind each stone used. This is just some of what sets ELIZA Designs LA apart from other boutique designers, and makes her pieces that much more special to wear and gift to others.

- Melanie T., Boston

I wanted to get something incredibly unique and special for my boss and just couldn’t think of a single thing to get - until my first click into ELIZA Designs LA took me to the Wonder Woman’s Cuff. I ordered it immediately it arrived in just days and

was even more beautiful than I was expecting it to be. The work was perfection - the stones, incredible.

My boss just couldn’t get over how unique it was and loved the name and the story behind it. Now I want to order one for myself!

- Shannon D., Los Angeles, CA

Amy designs for the Every Woman!

Each piece is singular and authentic. The handcrafted jewelry is detailed and built with love.

The earrings that I have purchased from ELIZA Designs LA have been worn non stop and I love knowing I am wearing a one-of-a-kind item! Having a piece of jewelry from ELIZA Designs LA is like

owing a piece of wearable art.

- Keri F., Los Angeles, CA

Amy’ s stunning earrings are truly ‘one of a kind’—I wear them for my Corporate Wellness Matters and BoomerPlus events! Thank you for my gorgeous gift!

- Amy Kraft, Scottsdale, AZ

I bought three stunning pieces from ELIZA Designs LA as thank you gifts to family for helping me with my wedding plans. I was so pleasantly surprised when

they arrived so beautifully packaged

and each piece of jewelry was so delicately wrapped in silver. I am excited to give it to them. I know they will be as impressed and love them as much as I do. They are simply gorgeous!

- Kim Weiler, New York, NY

With the holidays quickly approaching, it was important for me to choose specific gifts that are meaningful and designed well. What was also important was to have stories behind those gifts. What drew me to my ELIZA Designs LA purchases, were threefold:

1. The stories behind each stone, 2. The fact that each piece was unique & one-of-a-kind and 3. That the designs were simple, timeless and classic.

When you find the right gift for someone you love, it is always comforting for them to know that your gift has been chosen specifically for them and that you took the time to choose that special piece. There is an abundance of jewelry product on the market so it is refreshing to see that design, value and care have gone into the creations at ELIZA Designs LA.

- Vincenzo Lodato, Owner - LODATO PRODUCTIONS - LA & Rome

Krista Parkinson is a former William Morris agent and current adjunct Professor in the Cinema School at USC. On the homepage video of her website, mygradsgetjobs.com, Krista is seen wearing a matching moonstone necklace and earrings set by ELIZA Designs LA. After purchasing her moonstone necklace at the ELIZA Designs LA show in November, Krista called the designer, Amy Hussey to

custom order matching earrings.

Amy made several pairs for her to chose from, with Krista ultimately settling on these.
I recommend ELIZA Designs LA to friends and strangers who compliment me on my jewelry. The website is easy to navigate and

I love the extra special care that Amy puts into every detail from the creation of the piece down to the packaging.

I wear my Phantom Quartz necklace at least twice a week and rarely do I not get comments on how unique it is. Thanks ELIZA Designs LA!

- Pagie P., San Francisco, CA

I tend to wear very minimal jewelry - just pieces I live in and love - and my ELIZA Designs LA necklace is no exception. Amy was kind enough to help me pick it out, and every time I wear it I get a compliment or a comment about how it suits me. Very unique and great quality.

- Julia Rossen, Los Angeles, CA

The owner of ELIZA Designs LA is an incredibly talented and kind woman who puts passion into ever piece she creates.

I recently bought several one-of–a-kind pieces

that will be given to family members for the holidays. Every piece is so unique in its own special way. I’m currently having my dream piece of jewelry designed and it’s coming out exactly how I envisioned it! I would recommend ELIZA Designs LA to anyone, the service and style is impeccable!

- Lisa Fox, Los Angeles, CA

I purchased the gorgeous "Spinel's Purpose" at one of the awesome ELIZA Designs LA trunk shows. It has petite spinel stones on a sterling silver arrow.

It is an absolute favorite piece of mine. It's simple yet stylish and goes with everything.

I also love the meaning - it symbolizes purposefulness and helps recognize what's right for you while energizing you! It’s about energy renewal, encouragement and calmness! Love. Love. Love.

- CJ V. Los Angeles, CA