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Team Quartz!

Item Number: N106

A unique clear quartz cluster with stalagmites, sprinkled with shiny black spinel hangs elegantly from a sterling silver chain. This is a delicate crystal.

The energy of the piece facilitates getting you to your rightful spiritual purpose. During the journey, this crystal assists you in persevering during times of change. Think of this crystal piece like a coach and a squad of cheerleaders all in one - guiding you on the right plays and cheering you on throughout the game!


Quartz: The most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet. It regulates energy, including facilitating unblocking while tuning you to your spiritual purpose.

Spinel: Symbolizes purposefulness and helps recognize what is right for you while giving you the energy to act accordingly. The stone is connected with energy renewal and encouragement in difficult circumstances and times of crisis.


Sterling silver chain is approximately 18” including sterling silver lobster clasp. Pendant is approximately 2” in length and a little over 1” in width. Due to the delicate nature of this crystal, natural flaking of the crystal itself may occur. Crystal points protruding from the pendant are delicate and may break with wear, though it will not impact the overall beauty and strength of the piece. Sterling silver lobster clasp closure.

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