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Forecasting Sunshine

Item Number: N181

A vibrant green augelite mineral from Peru, a sunshine yellow apatite filled with rainbow sparkle and a rich purple amethyst are wrapped together in sterling silver to create this uplifting and colorful piece. Overall, the energies of this piece are uplifting, reminding the wearer to connect to the spiritual. The future is bright!


Apatite: A stone of manifestation that promotes a humanitarian attitude, assisting in spiritual attunement and aiding in communication.

Amethyst: A powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration that promotes love of the divine. As one of the most spiritual stones, it enhances spiritual awareness, encourages selflessness, and brings together common sense and spiritual insights to be applied to the practical. Helps you focus, improve motivation and balance out the highs and lows of emotions. Assists in the assimilation of new ideas and connects cause with effect. It is a natural tranquilizer, harmonizing the physical, mental and emotional states, and linking them up to the spiritual.

Augelite: The mineral gets its name from the Greek word ‘auge’ which is a reference to its vitreous (glass like) to pearly luster appearance. It is a rare phosphate mineral.


Sterling silver necklace measures a little over 26” including sterling silver lobster clasp. Sterling silver wire wrap. The pendant hangs about 2” from the chain. The widest part of the pendant is the augelite at 1.75”. The augelite is 5.2 grams. Apatite is about 1/2” long (left to right) and about 1/4” wide (top to bottom). Amethyst is almost 1” long (left to right) and less than 1/2” wide (top to bottom).

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