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Delicate Iolite

Item Number: N190

Petite iolite beads, in colors covering the spectrum of the color purple, are cut to sparkle and strung together in this piece. Below are photos of this piece alone, but it is also delightful when layered with other necklaces, particularly the grey raw diamonds or other iolite strands.


Iolite: Helps in freeing you from the expectations of those around you, by awakening your inner ‘knowing’ of what is right for you, regardless of what those around you say. It also said to help the wearer identify and break unhealthy ties and co-dependency in relationships. Iolite comes from the Greek word “ios,” meaning “violet.”


Strand of iolite measures almost 20” including sterling silver lobster clasp. These beads are tiny and measure less than 1/8” each.

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