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Chalcedony Grace

Item Number: B203

Blue chalcedony in a serene very pale blue shade, more lavender than blue, with a faint wavelike pattern, is wrapped in sterling silver atop a solid sterling silver C-cuff bracelet. The cuff features two gentle waves. This versatile piece can be worn with casual or dressy looks.


Blue Chalcedony: Is said to help the wearer accept new situations with grace, and enable them to feel levity, positivity and optimism as they look to the future.


Sterling silver C-cuff bracelet fits comfortably, but securely on the wrist. It has just enough flexibility to allow it to easily be taken on and off. Bracelet measures about 2 1/2" wide at the opening and fits best on small wrists. Together the waves of the bracelet make the bracelet about 1” long at its widest part. Each individual sterling silver wave is about ¼” wide. The blue chalcedony measures 1 ¼” long and ¼” wide.

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